College Ethos

College Ethos Session 2016/2017


Glasgow Kelvin College’s ethos derives from its commitment to Excellence, Progression and Enterprise. It seeks to provide learning opportunities of the highest quality, which engage learners from the widest range of backgrounds, and support their progression to employment or to further study. It seeks to develop enterprise in individuals – as a core skill for learning, life and work; and to support enterprise in both organisations and communities – by developing the capacity of both employers and employees and of community representatives.

The ethos is an inclusive one, and is developed through a series of commitments:

  • a commitment to the priority of the needs of the service user;
  • a commitment to quality and innovation;
  • a commitment to ethical curriculum design;
  • a commitment to improving access and equality of opportunity;
  • a commitment to learner engagement and customer care;
  • a commitment to staff involvement;
  • a commitment to collaborative working;
  • a commitment to de-centralisation and outreach;
  • a commitment to sustainable development; and
  • a commitment to high standards of governance.

General Purpose

Glasgow Kelvin College intends to provide comprehensive and high quality further education, lifelong learning and vocational training opportunities for the communities and businesses which it serves. This includes providing opportunities for local residents to progress to study, on both a full and a part-time basis, for qualifications in Higher Education (both in the College and elsewhere in the City and wider Metropolitan Glasgow area or beyond).

The College also intends to provide specific customised training for industry and commerce on a commercial basis.

The College will seek to contribute to the development of the Glasgow Regional Outcome Agreement, and to contribute to the development of a Glasgow Region Curriculum and Estates Plan for 2020 consistent with the Agreement between the Regional Chair for Glasgow, Glasgow Clyde College, Glasgow Kelvin College, City of Glasgow College and the Scottish Funding. It will also, through its own annual planning, respond to the Regional Outcome Agreement, the priorities established by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and the most recent strategic guidance received in respect of Lifelong Learning and Further Education from the Scottish Government. It will also seek to respond to the Scottish Government’s Economic Strategy (and its associated Skills Strategy) as well as its strategies for the development of Community Learning and Development (CLD) planning – including the recent Statement of Ambition for Adult Learning, and the emerging Youth Work Strategy.

College Ethos Session 2016/2017