Performance Indicators

Glasgow Kelvin College Performance Indicators


Glasgow Kelvin College was formed on 1st November 2013 through the merger of John Wheatley, North Glasgow and Stow Colleges.

Academic year 2014/15 was the first year in which students both enrolled and then completed their programmes as part of Glasgow Kelvin College.

The summary document College Performance Indicators sets out performance indicators for Glasgow Kelvin College for its second full year (session 2015/16).

Broadly, Glasgow Kelvin College is performing slightly above the Scottish norm. This is a particularly effective performance given that the College recruits more of its learners from the most deprived and educationally challenging communities of Glasgow (and therefore of Scotland) than any other college in the City or Scotland.



Complaints and Commendations

Commendations and Complaints Process   (288KB)

Glasgow Kelvin College takes all commendations and complaints seriously.

  1. Commendations confirm the achievement of high standards, which we aim to provide; and
  2. Complaints are an extremely useful form of feedback allowing us to ensure that we continue to improve our service.

With all complaints received, the College attempts to learn from where complaints have arisen to prevent any further concerns. As such, the Director of Corporate Services Chairs the Complaints Forum Group. This group meets 3 times per year and improvements are suggested and thereafter implemented for continuous progression.

The Complaints Forum group publishes an annual report which:

  • explains the complaints monitor;
  • provides a summary of complaints for the academic year; and
  • demonstrates our compliance with the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman.

 Complaints Handling Report. Annual Report for Academic Year 2013/14,  (437kb)
 Complaints Handling Report. Annual Report for Academic Year 2015/16,  (522kb)