BA Fashion Graduates 2015

This unique programme in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University and Glasgow Kelvin College, offered students progressing from relevant SCQF level 8 programmes, to study a one year ‘top up’ honours degree qualification in Fashion: Design and Production. The key elements of the course were Advanced Fashion Design, Advanced Garment Development, Fashion Business Project and Individual Project.

The course has provided a supportive and inclusive learning environment which enabled success for all learners. It will provided opportunities and flexible approaches to garment design and manufacture and will develop management, communication and analytical skills to provide candidates with an all-round commercial approach. Students were encouraged to think analytically and work effectively, both individually and as part of a team. It allowed students to integrate specialist software with traditional garment production skills within their chosen pathway allowing individuals to realise their ideas and interests. This integration of technology allied to a very high level of competence in traditional garment manufacturing skills is not available in many courses in Scotland and is not available as a top honours degree.

Our students used these skills to create some outstanding pieces of work and  demonstrated a very focused and professional approach to the planning and preparation of their show pieces.