‘The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work’.

~Emile Zola


Glasgow Kelvin College, in partnership with Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, (University of Dundee) and Manchester Metropolitan University, is proud to present the 2015/16 Degree Show, which celebrate the achievements and talents of final year students within the Faculty of Creative and Digital industries.   This is an opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work of graduating students, from a range of disciplines, including Art, Fashion and Jewellery. 

This is the culmination of many, many hours of work by the students who have once again demonstrated a very focused and professional approach to the planning and preparation of their degree shows and I know are looking forward with pride, to the opportunity to demonstrate to friends, family and fellow professionals, the results of their creativity, craft and hard work. 

This level of application and professionalism is also a key feature in the work of the staff from all of the sections exhibiting and the support and guidance they have given the students will ensure the quality of work and creativity of every student is shown to maximum effect. 

The Degree Show is a superb opportunity for all to engage and interact with students and the innovative and dynamic work they have produced and I am sure that engagement of that nature, allied to the visual feast that has been prepared, will more than satisfy you. Enjoy!

Iain Abercrombie, Head of Faculty Creative and Digital Industries


Bridge 2 Business is an interactive and engaging programme to help inspire, connect and support college students into business. In addition to workshops and sessions they also offer college students the chance to apply for a small grant to help test out their business ideas and for college projects and challenges. Helping students develop their Enterprise Skills and Entrepreneurial Mindset.

With all end of year degree show students accessing the grant. Helping gain materials for the end of year pieces and design and going towards the management and commercialisation of the Show.

We would like to thank Andrew Tomkins for his help and support. If you have feel that you could benefit from advice and support from Bridge 2 Business contact Andrew by email andrew.tomkins@yes.org.uk