Meet Our Graduates

  • Ocean Daydreams

    My collection is called Ocean Daydreams. It is based on the flowing waves and serenity of the ocean. I wanted to incorporate drape and structure to emulate the movement of the water.

    Variations of silk were used to create different textures and effects on each garment, including silk satin, handwoven silk dupion, lightweight silk taffeta and habotai silk. I also used beads and metallic threads as finishing touches to garments.

    The colours chosen worked really well together and were a good match to the rich colours seen within the ocean. The dyed habotai silk in particular gives an unusual and interesting aspect.

    The collection consists of five full outfits: a jumpsuit; two dresses; a top and trouser set; and a top and skirt set.

    Contact: a.mc-ox@live.co.uk

    Alison McMillan - Fashion 2 Alison McMillan - Fashion 1

  • Aurorabella Bridal

    I have chosen to create a Bridal wear collection.  Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 60th anniversary of her coronation and that inspired me to create a “Regal” collection.

    Each outfit is unique and consists of two garments: one dress and one jacket. All the garments are original designs and will be manufactured to the highest standard.  I have used traditional embellishment methods such as gold-work, embroidery and specialist beading.

    The fabrics chosen are luxurious silks and lace.  I have spent a considerable amount of time to ensure the selected fabrics are of the highest quality to meet the demands of a discerning clientele. 

    I plan to carry on this venture as a bespoke business named after my daughter who also inspires me and drives me to succeed.

    Website: www.aurorabellabridal.co.uk
    Contact: aurorabellabridal@outlook.com

    We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    Cheryl Isabella McCormack - Fashion 1

  • Jungle Juniors

    In my final year, I decided to do a children’s wear collection for 3-4 year old girls. The collection is called “Jungle Juniors” and as the title implies it is inspired by jungle animals. It is designed for Spring/Summer 2016 and through bright block and brilliantly bold colours the collection definitely roars fun and joyous clothing for pre-school girls. Along with these sharp colours, there are vivid prints that I created myself through drawings which were then manipulated on CAD software into unique and wonderful colourful prints that portray each animal outfit.

    The range consists of five garments that are named after the animal they are inspired by. The garments also help to stimulate the child’s development as there are different types of fastenings, flaps and trimmings that encourage touch and stimulates the wearer to interact with the different textures and surfaces. There are 4 jackets with 4 corresponding reversible and practical dresses and one occasion wear jacket and matching dress.

    The fabric I have chosen for the dresses and jackets are 100% cotton and fleece fabric. The reason I chose cotton fabric is because of their delicate skin. The fleece is very soft and warming and relates back to the animals fur, allowing the child to have a warm over-layer.

    For the collection I was sponsored by a London based digital printing company called ‘Bags of Love’ who provided all of the printed fabric for “Jungle Juniors”. I am currently in very early stages of negotiation with the company and hope to continue to work with the business once fully qualified.

    I am very eager to set up my own online children’s business and changing the perception of a traditional stereo-typical ethos of girls and boys clothing.

    Contact: neevella-designer@outlook.com

    Chloe Juliet Canavan - Fashion 1 Chloe Juliet Canavan - Fashion 2

  • Modern Goddess

    ‘’Modern Goddess’’ is a stage/evening wear range inspired by Greek Immortals: Aphrodite, Artemis, Hestia, Athena and Hera.

    For centuries, these feminine icons have been considered to represent higher women power. This collection is a representation of the strength and femininity they symbolise. 

    Fitted silhouettes, sharp edges and detailed surface decorations imply the complexity of a woman as a being. Fabrics have been chosen carefully to represent the collision of different character qualities that makes the perfect harmony in a woman.

    The aim of the collection is to inspire females to be the best version of themselves and embrace their inner power. I am inviting all ladies to shine brighter and to leave the ordinary in the past.

    Contact: deimante.zarauskaite@gmail.com

    Deimante Zarauskaite - Fashion 1 Deimante Zarauskaite - Fashion 2

  • Botanical

    The theme of my beach and swimwear collection is ‘Botanical’ and features three main sections; fruit, flowers and leaves. The garments are perfect for women looking for something special for a beach/pool party, or even just to relax in the sun in style!

    The swimwear range includes lots of different styles of bikinis and swimming costumes made in thick nylon with a slight shimmer. The wide variety of beachwear comprises dresses, shorts, skirts, tops and kimonos; all made in light breathable fabrics such as silk and Paris chiffon.

    The inspiration was taken from the organic shapes, textures and colours of the theme. Five fabric prints where designed – a print for each final outfit.

    After graduation I intend to continue working on the collection and launching a beach and swimwear brand, ‘Bella Rose’, from Tortola in the Caribbean.

    Contact: ellacrone@hotmail.co.uk

    Ella Crone - Fashion 1 Ella Crone - Fashion 2

  • Raven

    My collection is an eveningwear range for fashion conscious females, and is inspired by the upcoming Raven trend. The collection takes the dark mystery of the bird that is so often associated with death then incorporates in an elegant twist.

    The Raven is an Autumn/Winter eveningwear collection featuring full length dresses and jumpsuits. I have used a contrast between feminine floaty fabrics and heavy rich fabrics like cotton velvet to create shapes and silhouettes.  I have particularly focussed on the various shapes featured in ravens’ wings, as well as creating different textures using the devoré burn-out technique.

    I have used modern technology in my designs with the use of screen printing to create my own textured fabric design and also incorporated digital printing into my collection. I have also collaborated with Anne Walker from Heist Jewellery to develop designs that will be 3D printed into buttons.

    Contact: jillian53@msn.com

    Jillian Main - Fashion 1

  • La Dame de Fer

    My final collection, ‘La Dame de Fer’, is inspired by my adoration for the city of Paris. The main inspirations for the collection come from the main attraction of Paris – The Eiffel Tower.  Looking at features such as the shapes and structures within the tower, I used these to inspire the shaping, silhouettes and detailing within each of my garments.

    My intention for this collection was to create elegant and classy eveningwear garments that bring that timeless, well cut and classic Parisian look into a more modern day collection. I chose a monochromatic colour palette to feature within this collection, and used different fabrics, textures and surface decoration to make this pop!

    The ‘La Dame de Fer’ collection incorporates angular panelling and structuring throughout each of the garments, this represents the shapes and details within the Eiffel tower; surface decoration techniques such as pearl beading, stitching and black work were used to soften the designs, and create a more feminine feel to the garments.

    Contact: jodieandersonx@hotmail.co.uk

    Jodie Anderson Fashion 1Jodie Anderson Fashion 2

  • Electric Ceilidh

    Electric Ceilidh challenges men’s traditional highland formal wear with an injection of bold colour and unconventional tailoring. Taking inspiration from the Scottish highlands, my collection features strong colours and simple silhouettes with innovative pattern construction.

    The range features prominent contrasts between modern design and traditional fabric. Structure is merged with drape, and a daring colour palette completes the look.

    All of the fabric used is natural, with added details of colour infused tartan being stitched by hand – the customer can customise the colour choice of this stitching. The mix of texture in the fabrics from wool to leather, silk to velvet, and cotton to cashmere combine to produce a rich, exciting and tactile aesthetic.

    After graduating I hope to launch The Electric Kilt Co. brand later in the year to offer contemporary and alternative options, targeting confident and creative individuals considering something different from what is currently available in the existing formal wear market.

    Website:  www.theelectrickiltco.co.uk

    Contact: keithm_86@hotmail.com

    Keith Malloy - Fasion 1Keith Malloy - Fasion 2

  • Betsabelle

    The Betsabelle collection has been inspired by a recent trip to the opulent and dramatic city of Venice. Betsabelle is an Autumn/Winter luxury range specialising in women’s leather jackets and coats. The collection is fierce and protective, yet elegant and feminine.

    I have used traditional embellishing techniques such as free-machine embroidery and Trapunto, from the Italian for “to quilt”. I have also experimented with textural work to create interesting finishes on my outfits.

    It was important to me to design and make a sustainable fashion collection. All jackets and coats were made entirely from redundant automotive hides and scrap leather sourced locally from Bridge of Weir Leather, part of The Scottish Leather Group, award winners in environmental sustainability.

    Website: www.facebook.com/kellyespindolalaponder

    Contact: kelly-espindola@hotmail.com


    Kelly Espindola - Fashion 1

  • Wilted

    Visually, my collection is a positive look at the beautiful structures, colours and textures observed during the process of biological material decaying. Colours are strengthened in some areas and faded in others, as can be observed when mould and lichen grow on organic surfaces such as leaves petals and wood. Previously hidden structure becomes exposed in worn and weathered areas, and edges are thinned, torn and limp.

    I am using luxurious and expensive cloth which will appeal to the high end of the market. This was donated to me by my sponsors, Johnston’s of Elgin . Irreplaceable, time consuming, hand done finishes will add to this collection’s unique appeal.

    The silhouette is loose and draped: raised and dropped hip and waistlines, uneven/torn/distressed hem lines, hidden shapes and invisible fastenings are all present in the garments. Invisible construction such as hidden panels and an absence of pockets and collars make the garments appear like natural entities that have grown from the ground.

    Contact: lausmarie@yahoo.co.uk  

    Laura Monaghan - Fashion 1Laura Monaghan - Fashion 2

  • Sweet Sensations

    I am designing a collection suitable for red carpet occasions and award ceremonies. I took my inspiration and motivation for my designs from the shape and colours of exotic wild flowers: I wanted to recreate the flowing petals as layering and ruffles – the key word was ‘Autumnal’.

    The range features styles which are exotic and flamboyant; I am focusing on something uncommon, striking and excitingly different. Exotic styles are often mysterious and intriguing, with vibrant colours and pattern.

    My designs are romantic but flirtatious, I want my clothes to appeal to the young, confident and modern fashion fanatic. The fabrics I am using are important and integral to the design: they are soft, lightweight and of good quality. My final collection will have all the aspects of the romance of autumn flowers, leaves and colours within the shapes and construction of my garments.

    Website: www.facebook.com/lorellclothing

    Contact: lorrainelmurray@hotmail.com

    Lorraine Murray - Fashion1 Lorraine Murray - Fashion 2

  • The Black Widow

    The Black Widow eveningwear collection features a range of luxury exclusive leather dresses for women between the ages of 26-29 years old.

    The collection takes inspiration from the shapes and structures found in gothic architecture and will integrate the use of current emerging industry practices such as 3D printing and detailed hand cut work.

    Mixed media development lead to unique geometric artwork been generated that was then used to produce unique intricate designs, which were then cut by hand across the leather panels.  The exclusive cutwork detail, geometric 3D printing and use of various leathers produces a collection that is contemporary and timeless.

    Contact: rachaelfawcett2@hotmail.com

    Rachael Fawcett - Fashion 1Rachael Fawcett - Fashion 2

  • Gothic Romance

    My “Gothic Romance” collection is inspired by the French Renaissance. A lot of the styles for my ladies wear collection are taken from the silhouettes of men’s clothing at this time. I have altered them slightly to have a Masculine vs Feminine effect throughout the range.

    From researching the Gothic romance style I believe it appeals to the more daring customers, people who aren’t afraid to express their inner dark side. This style however has another view for people who prefer the finer things in life. Materials such as fine wools, silk and lace all play a large role in how these gothic garments are perceived and who they appeal to.  

    To create this collection and ensure I produced the desired look I researched style details of this era as well as the fabrics they used. I have investigated the art work and found the intricate detailing used in armour and carving used in architecture have inspired some of the surfaces and textures on my metal embossed designs “Gothic Romance” is an Autumn/Winter collection for 2017/18. This is luxury day wear aimed at females between the ages of 20-40.

    Contact: ninamareltd@gmail.com

    Rebecca Walker - Fashion 1

  • Anatomical Uniqueness

    The title of my final collection is ‘Anatomical Uniqueness’ and has been inspired by the anatomy of the human body, the uniqueness of individuals’ DNA, and women’s suit styles from the 30s, 40s and 50s, especially American influences, with narrow waists and exaggerated shoulders and hips. 

    The spiralling structure of DNA under a microscope reflects the silhouette I am focusing on: narrow at some parts (similar to a narrow waist) and growing wider in both directions (similar to exaggerated shoulders and hips). 

    After graduating, I intend to start my business – Wylde Tailoring. The focus will be on bespoke tailoring for business women, offering a unique service of high quality made-to-measure, individually designed garments for women who prefer style over fashion; garments made from luxury fabrics, which are tailored to the highest specifications, with unusual features such as 3D- printed zip pulls and buttons, and original digitally printed linings which generate a wearable edge.

    Website: www.wyldetailoring.co.uk 

    Contact: info@wyldetailoring.co.uk

    Sony Wylde - Fashion 1Sony Wylde - Fashion 2

  • My recent work has been based on the division in society between the rich and the poor. My research has led me to the conclusion that the financial imbalance in Britain is manufactured, controlled and orchestrated by whichever political party may be in government. There is no justification for people, living in one of the richest countries in the world, to find themselves relying on food banks to feed themselves.

    I experiment with many different techniques and media which include printmaking, woodcuts, mono prints and waterless lithography. I have been creating art pieces using oil paint on large canvases which require a real physical interaction with the painting.

    The technique and the media I use depend on the subject, what I am trying to portray, or how I am feeling at that precise time. The involvement in producing the art work is as important to me as the subject matter.

    Website: www.brentmorrisonart.weebly.com/

    Brent Morrison -  Arts 1

  • My work focuses primarily on animals and the natural world.  I explore animal forms and endeavour to convey their innate aesthetic beauty through a variety of media that ranges from free formed ink paintings, printmaking and more recent developments in mixed media sculptural pieces.

    It is my intention to reveal the secret world of urban creatures that is real, yet also surreal. Throughout my work I attempt to translate these themes by creating narratives that highlight the mythical qualities that animals and birds possess; by exploring these issues I aim to raise awareness of the fragility of life and the daily struggle for survival of the creatures that share our lives and habitats. 

    Website: www.julielintonart.weebly.com

    Julie Linton - Art 1

  • Feminine, girly, free. Masculine, boyish, confined. These are some of the words that tumble around in my head on a daily basis. Who am I? Who do I want to be? What is it that makes me a woman, what is it that makes me, me? I am constantly trying to find myself in a mix-up of outside influences and voices. Is it my body or my thoughts and experiences that define me?

    I grew up in the middle of nowhere, fields and forests, but now I live in a bustling, ceaseless city. The buildings push down on me, the open spaces of the countryside allow me the freedom of quiet thought. The taste of pomegranate is a throwback to my childhood, hot sunshine and my mother’s voice. Flowers for freedom, beauty, growth. A crown for confidence or confinement. Personal symbolism and the exploration of memory are important in my work.

    Website: www.instagram.com/katiehaworthart

    Katie Haworth - Arts 1

  • I have been working with material collected by me, and discarded by others. Rubbish and objects are taken in to a given space and documented in different ways, which includes the movement of people and the mark-making of everyday life. This challenges the notion of a traditional drawing technique and brings in aspects of chance while exploring 3D compositions.

    I am interested in a process-led practice and enjoy the collaborative aspect of gathering items and exchanges. I keep things not to be wasted, using materials that would normally be dismissed to create a working environment that fulfils an inclusive and interactive art method.

    Paper records these subjects and changes their context, it is used to create forms that grow into new structures coaxed from the chaos and mess. I play with positions, balance and tension in exploring these things.

    Website: http://katieriddell.weebly.com

    Contact: katie6393@hotmail.com

    Katie Riddell - Arts 1

  • I find the concept of object mortality intriguing; the often unknown fragility of experimental and ephemeral media intensely translates elements of the human experience.   

    The concepts that my art work centres on are intangible in nature making them difficult to articulate let alone visualize. Despite this I feel that the abstract qualities of these concepts provide vast potential for artistic exploration. These conceptual themes include universal and immense topics such as unreliable memory, mortality, the passing of time and irrevocable change.  

    I attempt to capture features of these topics by integrating natural ephemera with traditional art media as a way of creating a visual artifice that harkens to a shared innate desire to find meaning in even the most ambiguous imagery.  

    Website: ninacagle.weebly.com

    Nina Cagle - Arts 1

  • My work focuses primarily on my own personal experiences and emotions. As a single parent with a young daughter, I am very aware of how fragile life can be and how quickly it can change. Change is something I struggle with a lot, it scares me. This body of work is a representation of my fears relating to change and my attempt at preserving particular stages of my own, and my daughter’s, life.

    I do not practice in one particular medium as I feel it would limit my ability to express myself too much. These works are a mix of photographs, paintings and objects which are arranged to create an installation.

    Website: www.facebook.com/Suzanne-Armstrong-Artist-966660063388018

    Suzanne Armstrong - Arts 1

  • My work is based on themes relating to Dementia and the human connections which carers and family members of the victims seem to lose. I believe that it is not the victims that lose these connections but the people around them.

    I have drawn from personal experiences and in-depth research in order to convey the issues relating to Dementia. In my dissertation I have been exploring the possible benefits that Art Therapy has for those suffering with this disease. Part of my research comes from experiences gained through helping those coping with this terrifying and disorientating illness during an internship at a local Dementia Care Home.

    Within my creative practice I have been looking at the adverse side of Dementia and want to show how much of a negative impact this disease has on the victims by visualising the symptoms through the medium of installation.

    Website: www.facebook.com/SV.creativedesign

    Contact: vanessamiller@live.co.uk

    Vanessa Louise Miller Arts 1

  • “Pages”

    My work revolves around the concept of narrative, my relationship with literature and the physicality of books. Narrative has been a fascination of mine, and my first experience of this concept is held within the books I have surrounded myself with over the course of my life. These specific books have not only influenced my work, they have influenced my way of thinking and are a part of me as a person.

    The physicality of the books themselves hold a sense of memory; support and comfort. To me these books are timeless and unchanging, much like the memories they are associated with and one in particular has been the source of inspiration for my work.

    By using books I have personally read, and their pages as a medium within my work, I feel that I have a closer and deeper connection with my work.

    Website: www.instagram.com/zandersonart/

    Contact: andersonzara26@outlook.com

    Zara Anderson - Arts 1

  • I grew up in the East End of Glasgow; working on creative projects in the past, such as paintings, sewing and photography.  I had my first formal training in jewellery-making whilst at Glasgow Kelvin College, one day a week, where I managed to create a ring in silver and then decided to do this full time. I focus on creating one-of-a-kind jewellery designs which I sell at artisan craft shows across the country.

    My designs begin as a two dimensional drawing, where basic ideas are developed into a concept and then imported into CAD where they are developed into 3D drawings. Some of my designs are cut from sheet metal and wire, milled from wax or 3D printed.

    My goal is to create interesting pieces which exhibit a balanced sense of design in their composition. In addition, the jewellery must be comfortable to wear.

    Website: www.facebook.com/jamesbrandonjewellery

  • My relationship with jewellery started at a very young age, and I have always loved the story behind each piece.

    My source material was the development of fragile fragments in nature, I looked at all different possibilities to realise this; as people we are tiny fragile fragments within the world. I took a lot of inspiration from this and with the use of modern technologies have created a show that reflects on thoughts, feelings and emotions of people.

    I have always loved people watching and love how each of us interpret things differently. With the combination of bench skills and 3D printing technology, my final display will capture a story within each piece.

    Contact:- juliekellyjewellery@hotmail.com

    Julie Kelly - Jewellery 1

  • As a child, I was always interested in crafts, which was how I came across NQ Jewellery Design and Production at Glasgow Kelvin College. At first I only considered it as a hobby but over time I realised I enjoyed it more than I expected and decided I wanted a career in the jewellery field. Since then I have loved to sketch, design and develop my ideas on CAD or at the workbench.

    For my Degree Show, my collection will be based upon the theme of the Ocean, playing upon the forms and structures found within sea life, from the sea creatures to marine organisms. I will be incorporating the use of CAD and 3D printing with modern manufacturing techniques to allow me to create intricate and complex designs.

    Website: www.kathleenlee.wix.com/kayelljewellery

    Contact:  kayelljewellery@gmail.com


  • For my collection I have concentrated on Persian Culture. I have taken inspiration mainly from their distinctive and lavish architecture, interiors, art and colourful textiles.

    What I am drawn to most are the characteristics of Persian architecture and art. The curves and symmetry used, combined with the vivid colours really inspire me and make me think creatively, helping me to create the complex patterns and forms of all of my pieces.

    Laura Sykes - Jewellery 1

  • My inspiration comes from many aspects of nature including growth patterns, plants, cymatics, lava and textures from under the sea. I like to create organic forms that are fluid and free flowing, using various
    techniques in CAD. I am currently experimenting with jet found on Thurso beach; using 3D technologies to create statement pieces for my degree collection.

    My love of nature started in my childhood living in Thurso, up in the Highlands of Scotland. Creating designs inspired by nature reminds me of home and keeps me connected to the things I love.

    Website – www.lou-loujewellery.co.uk

    Louise Cardoso Campbell - Jewellery 1


  • My work is not a social commentary; it is not there to make any kind of statement. The reason why I make jewellery is because I find joy in the art of creation. I have never had any real inspiration from
    nature or science but I am drawn to symmetry so will fulfil this need from wherever I can. My aim throughout my work is to bring as much colour to the world as possible and this is what tends to be the main source for my designs.

    I usually work in silver with gemstones – mainly cubic zirconia due to the range of colours, shapes and sizes available. Sometimes I’ll find something beautiful and unusual and will use that as my starting point
    to create objects which I can take pride in, and something you will want to covet and keep forever.

    Contact: nikkirocksjewellery@gmail.com

    Nikki Manning - Jewellery 1

  • I have worked in the jewellery industry for the past 15 years, but I have only recently returned to study after a 12 year gap to have a family.

    I was originally resistant to CAD technologies, having trained as a bench jeweller. However, I now find my work is constantly evolving in different directions by combining innovative techniques with traditional hand skills.

    The Clyde Crane and Forth Road bridges provided a starting foundation for my design development. Simple geometric shapes provide a supporting structure to the pieces, explore the use of positive and negative space in metal. This evolved to take in abandoned fairgrounds and vintage circus images.

    Gemstones in colour spectrums and kinetic jewellery show my love for the element of play. Kinetic mechanisms are challenging to design and make well, but I love the idea that the wearer has something more than just a pretty object to look at.

    Romany Starrs - Jewelley 1

  • After my 24th birthday I decided that what I was doing no longer fulfilled me as a person, and I began experimenting with different career paths. I tried classes in variety of subjects, including volunteering as a mentor for The Princes Trust.  However, I eventually settled on the sparkle life of jewellery design and manufacturing.

    I have found the technology aspect of my degree incredibly fascinating. Technology and gadgets have always been present in my life. Even so, using 3D printers to make jewellery that I have designed is still a wonder to me.

    When looking for the inspiration for my degree show, I reflected on what had inspired me previously. Not only in education, but me as a person. This led me to the Scottish myth of the Kelpies; the beautiful water horses of a bygone era used to explain mysterious deaths and keep children safe with cautionary tales.  These definitely inspired my imagination.

    Website: https://m.facebook.com/PreciousLittleThingsJewellery

    Contact: sianrushentjewellery@gmail.com

    Sian Rushnet - Jewelley 1