Earn As You Learn – Vocational Degrees Pathways


As the first European Vocational Skills Week in 2016 was so successful, the European Commission has organised the second European Vocational Skills Week to raise awareness of Vocational Education and Training (VET). The official Week in Brussels will take place on 20-24 November 2017 and hundreds of VET-related events will be organised across Europe from September to December 2017. Glasgow Kelvin College is looking forward to taking part in this exciting project.
The campaign brings together education and training providers, civil society organisations, public authorities, business organisations and the broader public to raise the profile of VET across Europe. It seeks to promote VET as a first career choice, as well as focusing on mobility in VET, sector skills cooperation and business-VET partnerships.
Media coverage can be used to promote your event and how it fits into the European Vocational Skills Week, so that more people are aware it is taking place and are motivated to attend. It can also help to raise the profile of your organisation beyond your existing networks and to spread the message of the event and the Week out far and wide, To help raise awareness and shift the perception of Vocational Education and Training in Glasgow, Glasgow Kelvin College will be hosting an event “Earn As You Learn – Vocational Degrees Pathways” Secondary Schools in Glasgow will be invited to discuss new and exciting opportunities surrounding the now established ‘Apprenticeship Family’.


In recent years, the landscape of vocational education in Scotland has significantly changed. It is now possible for Senior Phase Students at school, to embark on a vocational education journey into employment and onto a Masters equivalent qualification.

Skills Development Scotland in conjunction with Scottish Government has established an ‘Apprenticeship Family’ supporting progression to and from, the long established Modern Apprenticeship programme.

This event is for Glasgow schools who wish to learn about these new and exciting opportunities now available at Glasgow Kelvin College.

Attendees will hear from College, Industry and University partners on the new way to obtain degrees in Scotland.