Glasgow Students Join The Fight For Every Heartbeat With BHF Scotland

(from left); Arlene Sweeney, Learner Engagement Officer, Deirdre Curley from BHF Scotland, and Hilary Ramsay, the College’s Senior Marketing Developer.

Glasgow Kelvin College has joined the fight for every heartbeat in the city where £19.5m is being spent on world pioneering cardiovascular research.

Students and staff will benefit from a new partnership with British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland through volunteering and fundraising with the nation’s heart charity, learning about cardiovascular health and scientific research, adopting life saving CPR skills and finding out how to lead a heart healthy life.

Deirdre Curley, BHF Scotland’s local Fundraising Manager, said:

“The BHF has a huge, heart-warming presence in the city thanks to our Centre of Research Excellence at the University of Glasgow, and our seven red-fronted shops, so it’s brilliant to link up with a learning institution that also has great heritage and big ambitions.

We hope that everyone will be inspired when they see our funded science up close and that students will benefit from volunteering and work experiences in fundraising, event management and retail. And everyone connected with the college will be able to learn more about how to look after their heart health.”

Glasgow Kelvin College provides learning in the North and East of the city and operates in communities which experience high levels of cardio-vascular ill health and other health challenges.

Arlene Sweeney, Learner Engagement Officer at the College said:

“Our students have had real success over the years in supporting campaigns and have grabbed this opportunity to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.  They raised an initial £251 for the ‘Wear it.  Beat It’ campaign in June and were delighted to present the cheque to Deirdre Curley of BHF at our Springburn campus.  We hope to build on that success in the coming years.

As their fundraising work is built into the personal development and citizenship element of their studies, they’ll use that time to organise raffles, bake sales, events and some more innovative sponsorship opportunities.  The chance to develop volunteering roles with BHF will also be explored.

Improving health & wellbeing in our communities is a key issue for the College and supporting a worthwhile campaign such as the British Heart Foundation will help to promote healthy lifestyles for our students, staff and their families, raising funds at the same time.  We’re delighted to partner with BHF Scotland and look forward to seeing the benefits of future developments.”

To find out more about fundraising and partnership opportunities contact Deirdre Curley on 07854 247840 or email