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Glasgow Kelvin College is an approved SQA centre number 1003151.

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Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020

erasmus-charter2014Glasgow Kelvin College is holding a current Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. Please view by clicking the image or download the document from the link below: Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020

Glasgow Kelvin College Erasmus Policy Statement

Download: Erasmus Policy Statement (full text below)

Glasgow Kelvin College recognises the importance of the opportunity to participate in a transnational project and the value of gaining skills and experience in an international environment. The College continues to promote involvement in transnational programmes and develop new international links and student exchanges through the Erasmus+ programme.

The College has accessed a number of funds for transnational projects which has provided valuable opportunities for our own students and staff to participate in an international project and also for students and staff from other institutions abroad to visit Glasgow Kelvin College. This work has allowed for the exchange of good practice and methodology between staff as well as giving students a wider international perspective and extended cultural knowledge. For example, the curricular areas of sound production and music has involved not only the placement of students in Estonia, Finland and Austria, but also staff working with colleagues in some of these countries to work towards the standardisation and recognition of qualifications while on exchange.

The College has been delivering international cooperation projects for several years. In this time, we have delivered Leonardo student mobility, Leonardo staff mobility, Leonardo partnership and Comenius Multilateral School Partnership projects. These projects have provided valuable opportunities for staff and students to participate in an international project. These projects provide staff with a valuable opportunity to share good practice with colleagues in other European countries and incorporate this within the curriculum in Glasgow Kelvin College.

Students have had the opportunity to participate in joint projects with other Comenius partners and work placements funded by Leonardo Mobility. These projects complement and enhance the learning experience at Glasgow Kelvin College. Glasgow Kelvin College has a number of partners across a number of different countries, namely Estonia, Denmark, Latvia, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, China, India, the USA, Australia, Russia, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan and Austria. Partner organisations are chosen in accordance to the similarity of their curriculum to that of Glasgow Kelvin College and the opportunities there are for development of joint projects. The objectives of the mobility activities are as follows:

  • To promote participation in international cooperation projects to staff and students and therefore increase the number of staff and students participating in mobility activities abroad.
  • To provide students with opportunities to gain work experience in an international environment and therefore provide an opportunity to enhance their employability and linguistic skills and widen prospects for employment in an international environment.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to study abroad.
  • To provide staff with an opportunity to gain teaching experience abroad.
  • To continue to develop new partnerships to enable to continuing development of innovative projects and continued cooperation and sharing of good practice between partners within a culture of quality assurance and continuous improvement.

Glasgow Kelvin College’s ethos derives from its commitment to Excellence, Progression and Enterprise. It seeks to provide learning opportunities of the highest quality, which engage learners from the widest range of backgrounds and support their progression to employment or to further study. It seeks to develop enterprise in individuals – as a core skill for learning, life and work, and to support enterprise in both organisations and communities – by developing the capacity of both employers and employees and of community representatives. The ethos is an inclusive one and is developed through a series of commitments. These are as follows: A commitment to:

  • the priority of the needs of the service user
  • quality and innovation
  • ethical curriculum design
  • improving access and equality of opportunity
  • learner engagement and customer care
  • staff involvement
  • collaborative working
  • de-centralisation and outreach
  • sustainable development
  • high standards of governance.

Glasgow Kelvin College intends to provide comprehensive and high quality further education, lifelong learning and vocational training opportunities for the communities and businesses which it serves. This includes providing opportunities for local residents to progress to study, on both a full and a part time basis, for qualifications in higher education (both in the college and elsewhere in the City and wider Metropolitan Glasgow areas.) Glasgow Kevin College strives to provide learning which is inclusive, respect learners, is engaging, stimulating and enjoyable, meets national standards and is up to date.

The College is committed to providing all its students and employees with an environment in which individuals are welcomed, respected, valued and supported. The College opposes all forms of discriminations, harassment and victimisation on any grounds and it aims to ensure that the College is a place where learning and working exists in an environment that advances equality, celebrates diversity and allows everyone to achieve their fullest potential. Its equality policies, procedures and associated practices apply to all students, staff, partnership organisations, contractors and service providers who shall be required to comply with their requirements.