Severe Inclement Weather Plan

Glasgow Kelvin College Severe Inclement Weather Plan will only be invoked when conditions make travel to and from campus dangerously hazardous and cause serious safety concerns. The College will take the following the steps to support students and staff during inclement weather:

  • when roads are declared unsafe by the appropriate authorities and motorists are advised not to travel, the SMT will determine whether classes should be delayed or cancelled for that day, and if College offices will be closed. The decision will be made as early as possible in order to inform students and staff promptly.
  • the following media sources will be utilised to inform students and staff of any closure:
  1. College website
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Radio & TV where appropriate
  5. Email
  • communication will include the reason for closure, the date and time of closure and re-opening information. Those with internet access will be encouraged to log on to the College website for updates.
  • updates will normally be provided at the following times:
  1. 8 am (for imminent closure)
  2. 11 am (for early closure)
  3. 3pm (if closure can be predicted for following day)

However should the weather circumstances change substantially the College will provide information as appropriate.

  • Staff Unable to reach Campus Unless classes are cancelled by the College, staff members are expected to take their classes. However, if a staff member feels that he/she cannot safely travel to campus for classes, the staff member should contact HR. They should leave a message with their name of line manager, department and the details of classes i.e. date, time, course title and campus. Whenever possible, staff should contact with the message before 8 am. It is important that this information is available for commuters as early as possible.
  • In the event of College closure due to adverse weather conditions, all students and staff will be deemed to be in attendance. However, if the College remains open staff/students who are not in attendance will be marked absent unless they have been in contact with the College to advise they are unable to attend due to extraordinary transport issues.
  • Students on work placement should contact that organisation to advise the placement provider of the College closure.