Our values at Glasgow Kelvin College.

The Values Wheel. Click for a video presentation of our values and what they mean.

Creating our values

  • What is important to you?
  • Why is it important?
  • What does it mean in practice?

These are the three questions that GKC staff and students were asked to consider when we set out to create our values. Following on from an extensive series of workshops with staff and student groups the answers were collated, analysed and grouped into related categories. This information was then used to form a set of core principles which was then further developed into a series of Glasgow Kelvin College core values.

Each value comes with a definition and a series of behaviours and aspirations associated with it. These are shown graphically on the Values Wheel as you can see here on the page. This represents what we, both staff and students, have identified as being core to working or studying at GKC.

Professionalism – What is it?

professionalismPerforming to the highest standard to lead and deliver enterprise, progression and excellence.

What we do:

  • Be accountable for our own actions;
  • Maintain a focus on the key factors which improve the learner experience;
  • Anticipate and respond to students’ and other stakeholders’ needs;
  • Take ownership of our own continuous professional development to maintain and update our knowledge, skills and qualifications;
  • Be self-re-ective and take the intitiative for continuous improvement;
  • Adopt an optimistic can-do attitude;
  • Keep abreast of and implement new developments;
  • Continuously seek out and share best practice.

Integrity – What is it?

IntegrityDoing the right thing in an honest and transparent manner.

What we do:

  • Act with fairness, respect and understanding;
  • Lead by example by demonstrating and modelling the highest ethical standards;
  • Take full responsbility for our own actions and follow through on our commitments;
  • Be discreet in dealing with confidential and sensitive issues;
  • Foster an atmosphere of trust by building open and honest relationships with all stakeholders.



Creativity – What is it?

CreativityHaving the ability to develop new ideas and implementing innovative solutions.

What we do:

  • Seek out and introduce new perspectives and information in order to stimulate innovation and change;
  • Utilise new ways to do things better by improving and adding value to procedures and processes;
  • Be responsive to other people’s ideas and propose creative solutions in a consultative manner;
  • Embrace change and adopt a -exible ‘can-do’ attitude;
  • Focus on bringing out positive changes with staff, students and other stakeholders.



Being Participative – What is it?

Being participativeWorking together as one college to communicate and create a sense of unity.

What we do:

  • Create a shared purpose where we have an understanding of our objectives and a focus on common goals;
  • Use appropriate channels to communicate effectively in a clear, transparent and open way;
  • Be flexible in our approach to meet staff, student and other stakeholders needs;
  • Contribute to the work of others while fullling own responsibilities;
  • Foster ownership by involving teams to develop goals, make decisions and be accountable for results;
  • Create a positive team environment which balances individual, initiative and team accomplishments.


Respect – What is it?

RespectDemonstrating a commitment to listening, understanding and appreciating the views of others.

What we do:

  • Challenge and eliminate harassment, victimisation and discrimination;
  • Respect diversity of peoples, their ideas, belief and culture;
  • Advance equality of opportunities for individuals;
  • Actively seek out the views and opinions of others;
  • Foster good relations by showing respect and consideration for all.


Being supportiveBeing Supportive – What is it?

Creating a collaborative and inclusive environment which inspires and nurtures everyone to do their best to achieve individual, team and college goals.

What we do:

  • Commit to listening to and understanding the needs of others;
  • Support and provide opportunities for professional growth;
  • Generate and facilitate win-win strategies to deliver common goals;
  • Acknowledge and reward individual and team successes;
  • Share information, knowledge and experience to maximise our potential;
  • Foster an environment which promotes individuals’ wellbeing;
  • Promote and demonstrate a balance between work and home-life.