More Employers Engaging with Graduate Level Apprenticeships

Civil engineering day release students and their employers heard about how work based learning can take them up to degree level at a special event at Glasgow Kelvin College.

Glasgow Kelvin College was delighted to welcome several of its partner employers to the second of its Graduate Level Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering information events this year.

The lively session included representatives from a range of key employer organisations who are ‘movers and shakers’ in the Scottish economy.

There was a slightly different slant on this particular session as College managers were also presenting to some of the employees who are undertaking day release Civil Engineering courses at Glasgow Kelvin College.

As the only FE College in Central Scotland to be offering [LK1] this innovative [LK2] programme, College staff outlined the benefits to these employers who are looking to develop their business further and support advanced level qualifications for their budding engineers.

The programme, developed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) with support from the European Social Fund, provides work-based learning opportunities up to Master’s degree level.

It will support Civil Engineering students to attain a graduate SCQF level 8 qualification over a 2 year programme[LK3] .  Graduate Level Apprenticeships provide the opportunity to combine academic knowledge with workbased skills development to enable participants to become more effective and productive employees.

The stimulating presentation and Q & A session contained information on qualifications, business benefits, funding, the UK Apprenticeship Levy and the support which learners and employers can expect from Glasgow Kelvin College.

Glasgow Kelvin College Principal, Alan Sherry, said;

“This second session has been extremely worthwhile and employers went away armed with all the information they’ll need to plan the way forward for their civil engineering employees.

The skills learned by Graduate Level Apprentices can be used and reinforced immediately in their jobs, providing their employers with valuable technical expertise.  Gaining these higher level skills will assist employees as they progress in their careers, taking on managerial challenges in well-paid, sustainable jobs and contributing to their personal development as well as to the growth of the Scottish economy.”

Graduate Level Apprenticeships allow employers to maximise their return on skills investment, providing the graduate talent pipeline their business needs. Apprenticeships are proven to deliver tangible business benefits through a blend of academic and practical learning. Benefits include: increased productivity, talent development and retention, improved service delivery, and staff engagement in their own professional development.

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