Student Charter

The Student Charter sets out the general principles of the partnership between students and Glasgow Kelvin College. It applies to all registered students of the college whether studying in one of the College’s five campuses, or any of the outreach centres affiliated with the college.

Students at Glasgow Kelvin College

All students have a responsibility to:

  • make the most of their programme of study, their college experience and the other opportunities that the College has to offer;
  • treat all members of the college community with respect;
  • represent the College as responsible ambassadors through their good conduct on, and off campus, and ensure their actions have a positive impact on the college and the wider community;
  • participate in the college culture of learning which is based upon critical enquiry, debate and self-motivation;
  • pursue their academic and professional studies in a diligent, honest and responsible manner;
  • engage with the College in formulating their own education and career goals and monitor their progress towards these goals;
  • engage with College initiatives to promote environmental sustainability;
  • comply with College policies and procedures.

Glasgow Kelvin College

The College has a responsibility to ensure all students:

  • learn within a framework that facilitates their active learning and enables them to achieve the goals of their programme of study;
  • make use of appropriate learning resources and support so that they can take responsibility for their own learning, improve their knowledge, understanding, career development, skills and competencies;
  • have a personal tutor, who will provide regular opportunities to discuss academic progress and personal development;
  • receive effective and timely feedback on their academic work;
  • enjoy a safe place on campus in which to work and study and which considers the impact of its activities on the environment and on the local community;
  • access professional welfare services which are designed to support all learners;
  • benefit from a range of sport and recreational opportunities to improve their overall wellbeing;
  • obtain impartial advice and guidance on progression to further study and/or employment;
  • have access to advice and guidance about bursaries, SAAS grants, student loans, hardship funds and other student funding;
  • express and debate their views freely within the law;
  • participate in student representative structures;
  • obtain information on professional and regulatory requirements relevant to their programme of study; and
  • are represented  appropriately on the Board of Management, its Standing Committees and other college committees.