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Students Association at Glasgow Kelvin College 2014-15Glasgow Kelvin College Students’ Association

Glasgow Kelvin College Student Association is an democratic  autonomous  body that’s here to  represent your views  within the college community and ensure that all students regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, religious beliefs, age or colour are fairly treated and represented.  Our goal is to ensure that students have the best possible experience of their time here. We also help shape and influence the learning and teaching within your course as well as providing a social element to your time at GKC.

The Association is there to be your voice and represent all students in a variety of ways:

  • Working to improve learning and teaching so that students receive a high quality learning experience
  • Creating opportunities to further develop and gain new skills
  • Being the hub for clubs and societies that showcase and provide support for all our students
  • Offering advice and support so you always have someone to turn to when times are tough
  • Campaigning on a number of issues to help enhance the student experience.

The Association represents your views on a variety of committees within the college and regionally and will empower you to help shape and influence the learning and teaching within your course through your class reps and in partnership with the college.

The Student Association President is a full time sabbatical officer, heading up our Student Association Executive Team, and is elected democratically by the student body to represent all students in all matters relating to the college experience within the classroom and wider working life of the college. This year’s President is Shaun McLaughlin who is based mainly in the Springburn campus.  Vice Presidents for each campus and the exec committee will be voted in upcoming elections.

To find out more information or to become involved contact them by email



Shaun McLaughlin
Student Association President