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Sustainable Travel

Electric bike

Glasgow Kelvin Velocity Cycle Hub is an innovative and key element of the College’s sustainability agenda, based at the College’s Springburn campus. It is the product of ideas put forward by a group of the College’s Support to Learn students and staff, aimed at encouraging outdoor and cycling activities.

The project gathered momentum and support from the College and wider community in 2016, culminating in funding being provided by Cycling Scotland to appoint an on-site Cycling Officer, and support from the City Council Community Planning Partnership to build the Cycle Hub.

Since its opening in early 2018, the Hub has been very well received by students, staff and the local community, providing a stop-shop for training, repair and maintenance facilities, and travelling information for cyclists. Its commitment and dynamic response to delivering education and raising awareness of active travel in the community has been highly commended.

These were recognised, firstly, through receipt of the ‘Cycle Friendly Employer Award’, in November 2017, and more recently, with the ‘Cycle Friendly Campus Award – with Distinction’. These were presented to the College by Cycling Scotland, where they cited the College’s commitment and active response to delivering educational opportunities and raising awareness of the importance of active travel in the community.

“Today’s award recognises the commitment by Glasgow Kelvin College to get more students and staff cycling, regardless of age or ability.

The Cycle Friendly Campus award is funded by Transport Scotland to improve facilities for cycling and the Springburn Campus is a worthy recipient of this Award.”

(Keith Irving, Cycling Scotland Chief Executive)

Sustainability and recycling of materials were at the core of the Hub’s design, with materials such as larch wood cladding, and a sedum roof, being integrated in the final construction. It has four core spaces: a training/ classroom area, an office, maintenance facility, and social space.

Building the facility also provided several hands-on, work experience projects for a number of the Construction, Carpentry and Engineering students at the College, helping to develop workplace skills, including problem solving, team work, planning and delivery.


A number of initiatives have been set up with a range of partner organisations, including:

  • Bike Breakfast mornings;
  • Workshops for bike maintenance (Dr Bike);
  • Drop-ins for ‘Fix Your Own Bike’;
  • Advice on route planning; and
  • Dedicated cycling learning sessions

Free Bike Loan For Students

Are you struggling to access a bike? Are you considering cycling to the College but are not so sure, yet?

At Glasgow Kelvin College, we consider that everyone should be able to access a bike. Therefore, we are now offering students the possibility to loan a bike for free, up to one month.

6 bikes are available, all equipped with a D-lock and lights. Any other cycling equipment can be loaned as part of this scheme (helmet, hi-viz jackets, gloves).

If you are interested or would like to find out more about the Terms & Conditions, please be in touch with our Active Travel Officer or the Campus Cycling Officer.

Be Part Of The Electric Bike Revolution

Have you thought about cycling between campuses but don’t feel fit enough? Or have too much to carry with you?

Staff members can now loan an electric bike (e-bike) for free to travel between campuses or to attend external meetings.

3 e-bikes are available and can be accessible from all of our 4 campuses.

The electric assistance will help you to cycle further distances and to cycle up hills effortless. Travelling between campuses has never been so easy!

If you are interested or would like to find out more about the Terms & Conditions, please be in touch 

Cycle To Work Scheme For Staff

As a Glasgow Kelvin College’s employee, you can benefit from a Cycle to Work scheme.

This scheme will allow you to get cycling equipment and/or a bike by saving 25-39% of the costs whilst also spreading the costs. It is free to join and easy to administer online.

Step 1: Decide on the CycleScheme package that suits you (Bike and accessories, just a bike, just accessories)

Have a look in store or online – over 2,000 retailers are part of the scheme.

Step 2: Submit and save

Apply online, wait for approval and go collect your bike or get it delivered. This is when the salary sacrifice starts.

Step 3: Ownership option

Once the salary payments are completed, you’ll have to choose your ownership option

  • Return the bike to CycleScheme with no fees
  • Own it Now
  • Own it Later

To find out more, click here:

Cycling Journey Planner

Plan better bike routes online in the cycle route planner

Journey Planner

Springburn Campus

  • 46 cycle racks at the main entrance
  • Protected and secure cycle shelter at the main entrance, providing a maximum capacity of 20 bikes – code available at reception
  • Changing room facilities, showers and lockers – on the ground floor, by the Games Hall for students, on the 3rd floor for staff.
  • Velocity Cycle Hub, available on request (tools and equipment available) – ask Estates

East End Campus

  • Protected and secure cycle shelter, providing a maximum capacity of 30 bikes max - situated at the back of the campus - code available at reception - work in progress
  • Changing room facilities, showers and lockers – on the ground floor

Easterhouse Campus

  • Cycle shelter, providing a maximum capacity of 20 bikes – work in progress
  • Changing facilities, showers and lockers – on the 1st floor, in the student common room - keys available at reception

West-End Campus

  • Protected and secure cycle shelter, providing a maximum capacity of 10 bikes – key and code available at reception
  • Changing room facilities and showers – on the 1st floor

*Please, for safety reasons, do not disclose security codes to a third person. Thank you.

The College offers many ways to keep your bike safe and secure on campus.  This page will provide tips on all the ways to keep you and your bike safe when traveling. 

Always use your lights at night!

  • It’s the law – you can get a £50 fine for cycling in the UK without lights at night.
  • Drivers have difficulty seeing you otherwise, risking your own safety.
  • Consider the safety of other path users; they need to see you coming.
  • Follow the advice of Cycling UK to ensure you can always be seen when cycling.

Keep your bike secure!

  • Cycle theft can be an issue in many locations, so it is important to reduce the likelihood that this will happen to you.
  • Know your bike’s frame number
  • Store your bike in a secure shelter (like the ones on all four of our campuses!)
  • Use a D-lock, and remember to put your lock through both wheel and frame


Keep your bike in top working order!

  • Get repairs when a problem arises.
  • Take advantage of Glasgow Kelvin’s resources to maintain your bike.
    • Bike sessions
    • Cycle Repair classes
    • Maintenance tools at Springburn campus

The carbon emission hierarchy of travel below, ranks the modes of transportation from single-occupancy vehicles to the zero-emission choices of walking or cycling. 

It is the hope of the College that staff, students, and visitors to Glasgow Kelvin will consider their carbon footprint when choosing how they commute to campus.  Traveline Scotland provides useful tools to plan your journey to the College. 


The College is happy to participate in First Bus’s Commuter Travel Club Scheme.  Staff can travel for reduced fares while also helping to build a cleaner, greener community! 

Sign-up using the following link Commuter Travel Club | First Bus, and start accessing cheaper, more sustainable travel for work and leisure.  

Surveying student opinion has been, and will continue to be, an important source of the information we use to help with the planning and implementation of new projects that are inclusive and meet the needs of all.

If you do have any ideas for a new activity you would like to see, suggestions for improving the Hub, and thoughts on how to develop existing activities, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can also follow what’s happening on:

our Twitter feed @GkcSustain 

our Facebook page @sustainGKC

As mentioned before, the idea for the Velocity project originated from a group of students and staff in the Support for Learning department, as a means for delivering a broad range of exciting and interactive cycling and outdoor learning activities. This was aimed at supporting students experiencing difficulties in mainstream learning settings, challenges with mental health and wellbeing, and limited access to learning.

The project has worked to improve access to learning, deliver a variety of learning and fun activities, and empower all students using the facility with a greater sense of independence and improved self-esteem.

Significant rewards from this work have been the development of specialised courses and training designed to educate vulnerable groups in the learning community about the importance of sustainability and active travel.

You will be able to see a number of Eco-Awareness projects in the surrounding area at the hub.