• The Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) administered by Strathclyde Pension Scheme for support staff; and
  • The Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme (STSS) administered by the Scottish Public Pensions Agency for teaching staff.

The College makes an employer's pension contribution which you will lose out on should you opt out of joining the relevant scheme.

Please click on the icons below for more information on the scheme(s) and details of the key benefits of membership.


The LGPS is one of the best pension schemes going.  It delivers:

  • a pension based on your final pensionable pay;
  • a pension that increases each year in line with price inflation;
  • the flexibility to exchange some of your pension to provide a tax-free lump sum;
  • a permanent ill health pension paid from any age for those with two years' service who are unable to work in their present job;
  • lump sum death in service protection of three times your final pensionable pay; and
  • a pension payable to your surviving spouse, surviving registered civil partner or surviving nominated cohabiting partner on your death in service or on your death after retirement.

For more information contact the Human Resources Team or visit www.spfo.org.uk

The STSS is a defined final salary scheme and is one of the most important and valuable benefits available to teachers.

The STSS not only provides you with a lump sum choice and regular income after you retire but may also provide your family or other dependants with financial protection after you die.

Reasons for being a member of the STSS:

  • You get a guaranteed pension;
  • Your pension is index linked;
  • You can choose to receive a tax free lump sum by giving up some of your pension or to increase your lump sum;
  • Your employer contributes towards the cost of your benefits;
  • All periods of reckonable service before retirement are added together to work out your benefits;
  • If you are too ill to work, you can apply to receive your benefits early;
  • A lump sum benefit is payable if you die before you retire;
  • When you die, children's and dependants' pensions may be payable;
  • You are able to pay extra contributions for additional pension benefits; and
  • You may be able to transfer pension credits from another scheme into the STSS.