Age Equality

At Glasgow Kelvin College, we are committed to ensuring that opportunities are accessible to all students and staff, regardless of age. We believe that age should never be a barrier to accessing employment rights, benefits, or educational opportunities, except in cases where specific age criteria can be objectively justified.

Our Commitment to Age Equality

  • Equal Access: We ensure that age does not limit access to our courses or employment benefits.
  • Inclusive Environment: We strive to create a supportive environment for students and staff of all ages.
  • Continuous Review: Our policies are regularly reviewed to ensure they promote age equality and inclusiveness.

What we are doing

Important Dates

Awareness for Young People

  1. Children’s Mental Health Week - First week of February
  2. International Day of Families - May 15
  3. International Children’s Day - June 1
  4. Child Safety Week - Early June (dates vary)
  5. National School Sports Week - Last week of June
  6. World Youth Skills Day - July 15
  7. International Youth Day - August 12
  8. Youth Mental Health Day - September 19
  9. World Children’s Day - November 20
  10. Anti-Bullying Week - Mid-November (dates vary)

Awareness for Older People

  1. Older People’s Day (International Day of Older Persons) - October 1
  2. Carers Week - Early June (dates vary)
  3. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - June 15
  4. International Day of Families - May 15
  5. Falls Prevention Awareness Week - September 22-28
  6. Grandparents’ Day - First Sunday in October
  7. Silver Sunday - First Sunday in October (celebrating older people in the UK)
  8. International Day of Older Persons - October 1
  9. World Alzheimer’s Day - September 21
  10. Age UK’s Big Knit Campaign - Winter months (dates vary)

General Awareness Relevant to All Ages

  1. Mental Health Awareness Week - Second week of May
  2. World Mental Health Day - October 10
  3. National Carers Day - November 24

Resources and Support

To further support our commitment to age equality, we recommend the following resources: