Hossein Hosseini - Access to Medicine SWAP

About Hossein

Hossein Hosseini

Former Access to Medicine SWAP student

Now going on to study Medicine at the University Of  Aberdeen

I'm Hossein Hosseini, I'm 28 years old and have just finished studying Access to Medicine at Kelvin.

I am from Iran, I enjoy sport (I did kickboxing for 10 years), love science and I used to study physics at uni, but left after 1 year and began working as a kickboxing coach in Iran.

In 2017 I moved to Scotland and a new chapter of my life began. Here, I studied ESOL for a couple of years and also worked in a care home.  I then studied Applied Science N5, then Introduction to Access to Medicine and then finally Access to Medicine. I worked in Glasgow Royal Infirmary for a year as well as working part-time for Domino’s as a delivery driver. It was challenging,  sometime had to do my homework in my car or during my break-times, but I had a dream and I had to work for it.

Finally, the hard work paid off and I got in to medicine at University of Aberdeen, will be starting in September 2023. My goal is Neurosurgery and it was my drive to study medicine at the first place. I’m quite confident that I will be one of the best Neurosurgeons in the UK.

I knew that I wanted to be a doctor so after some research I learnt about the  SWAP Access course and the great opportunities it provides for adult returning to education. It was the best option for me  to get to medicine. My journey to do the Access course was a bit long though, as I had to get my English up to the required level.

As I mentioned before, I have been in Kelvin since 2017, so I love my college, all the staff are welcoming and super helpful. The lecturers are very professional and they try to help everyone as much as they can. The college provides funding to those who need childcare support or have financial difficulties . It is not a lot of money but it’s better than nothing.

I think Access Medicine is the most challenging course out of all the other Access courses and it’s heavily based on Biology, Chemistry and Maths and more subjects from level 6-8. Communication is the backbone of the course. We also get to learn about common diseases and treatments options which is so fascinating. I would say it is a very thorough, solid course that prepares everyone for commencing a medicine degree.

My favourite part of the course is when I hangout with my classmates, specially lunch time. I made good friends here and we often go out when we are free from college.

My advice to anyone wanting to do this course would be, everyday is a new start and it is never too late to stary now. If you think you could have been good at something if you had done enough at school, so here is the opportunity for you. I’m sure you will do great if you just follow your dream. Stop procrastinating, tomorrow is late, start researching now.

Some people are intimidated with the thoughts that they are old or education is hard but it’s not true, older people have a very higher successful rate at uni compare to others. So please do not be afraid of making changes, you can have the best career that you deserve just try, be consistent and don’t give up.

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