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Jennifer Smith

Access to Nursing Degree (Care) student

I'm Jennifer Smith and I'm currently 38 years old and studying the Access to Nursing Degree course at Glasgow Kelvin College.

I've been out of formal education for a while as I left school as soon as I could at 16, I worked in john Lewis till 21 then I started my 11-year career as cabin crew, Ryanair then

After this I nearly lost my life due to a life-threatening illness, and I decided this was my time to pursue nursing.

I couldn't get straight to university as I don't have a maths qualification, but my god, am I glad I didn't get straight to university because I would have sunk and would probably have quit, I'm not quitter, but without this course I really wouldn't have made it. I'm learning things I didn't know existed and I feel amazing learning so much. This course had really given me the foundations for university.

I came to Glasgow Kelvin because my friend, a retired police officer, told me about this course, I'm literally 10 mins away so travel is great.

It's a lovely and welcoming college. The lecturers are approachable and have a fantastic range of skills and knowledge with some actually being swap students, so understand our position. I have learned a variety of skills I didn't know possible, evidence-based practice, researching, time management, improving my solo talking, critical thinking to name a few. My overall academic skills have improved dramatically. I can even essay write and Harvard reference.

I have loved my time at college and the people on my course are supportive and fantastic.

I now have a conditional offer for one university and I'm waiting on a response from another.

I never thought in a million years I would be following my dream of becoming a nurse, anybody who's thinking of doing it, do it, you won't regret it, trust me if I can do it anybody can, I've surprised myself.

The course is challenging yet rewarding and goes in so fast.

My advise to anyone wanting to do this course is to keep on top of homework, get a diary, never leave things to the last minute, or you will sinkĀ 

When your told to do anything by the lecturers then take the advice as they are telling you for a reason. Be well organised and with good self discipline then this course is possible. It flies in, block one will be a shock but stick in, everybody feels the same.

Also Library staff are fantastic, get to know them. Always ask questions in class, being engaging is a really important trait the college look for.

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