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I left school in the Isle of Man when I was 18, and went to college to study Art. Since leaving, I taught myself how to use cameras and started a photography and film making business in Glasgow. I’d been doing that for about 10 years, mainly working with musicians. I’d design album artwork, make posters, film gigs and music videos, direct camera crews and do photoshoots. It was mentally intense, but a blast!

I reached a point with my self-employed camera work where I was thinking about the future a lot. I realised that I didn’t have a passion for it anymore, and I was burning out quickly. I also didn’t feel challenged or inspired anymore. It’s funny really, because my parents asked me “if you could go back to school and start again, what would you want to do?”.

I’d always wanted to be a paramedic, but I didn’t do well with science at school. It wasn’t the right time for me back then.  So, I responded to my parents “I want to be a paramedic, but there’s no way I can get on the Uni course for that because I didn’t pay attention in school”.

I did a little bit of research into how I could make it all happen and found the access course to Paramedic Science. The entry requirements were open to people from such a broad background, and I realised it was the perfect choice to start my new career!

Specifically looking at the Access to Paramedic Science Course, I was really excited about how Kelvin College has great links with past students and industry professionals. Having those people visit our class in college has been incredibly helpful in preparing us for our future careers by giving us an opportunity to speak to those in the service.

As well as this, a large part of my course is based around preparing us for higher education. We are all looking to enrol on a Paramedic Science degree course – which is highly competitive and intensive. On the access course, we have modules in communications (our reading and writing skills) and numeracy. These modules are all based around getting our skills up to scratch for the upcoming degree course. This goes a huge way in giving us confidence in taking the next step and helps to make sure that we can “hit the ground running” once university rolls around!

Without a doubt, the tutors and classmates have made this course special. They have all helped create an environment where you can ask questions and look for support without fear of judgement. We all support each other and have a great rapport with the staff. It’s great to know that you’ve always got someone to turn to if you didn’t quite understand a lesson or you need some extra revision help.

The college has a huge range of activities and support on offer for students – there seems to be something for everyone! The tutors are knowledgeable, but also personable – we’re lucky to get a good balance of humour, support and professionalism from them! They have all been ready to go the extra mile for us and treat us with respect.

While the course has taught me relevant information and prepared me for my new career, it’s also been instrumental in raising my confidence. I used to think that I wasn’t smart enough to do a science degree. Since I didn’t do well in school, I’d “written myself off” as an intelligent person who can do subjects like science, but this course has proven to me that I can do it, and just because I’m older, it doesn’t mean that I can’t learn new things!

So now, I’m currently waiting to see if I have an interview for a degree in Paramedic Science. If all goes well, then later this year I will be studying at university... and in a few years – I’ll be a Paramedic!

If I could give anyone thinking about doing this course some advice it would be. Don’t believe that you “haven’t got what it takes”. If you want it, then you’ll get it!

Before this course, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t smart enough to do well in a science-based subject. But I gave it a shot, and I’m doing really well.

It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I know I’m going to miss it massively.


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