Kelvin Placed in National Sustainability Competition


Glasgow Kelvin College is delighted to have been recognised as one of the top performers in this year's UK National Planet Earth Games. The competition brought together almost 40 UK colleges to organise events around seven key themes aimed at promoting sustainable behaviours among students and staff, while educating and raising awareness about climate change.

The College finished fifth in the overall rankings, an impressive achievement considering the stiff competition. The award ceremony, which took place online, saw the College receive praise for its innovative approach to the Games.

Under theme 2, ‘Energy’, Glasgow Kelvin College hosted an outdoor workout session showcasing how to be active without using any electricity. Fourteen keen attendees participated in the event, which was held during their lunch break.

The College's Springburn Campus Velocity Cycle Hub hosted a 'Bike Breakfast' event under theme 3, ‘Travel’. The event aimed to promote cycling to and between campuses as an active and sustainable travel option. Eighteen attendees took part in the event, which also provided information on bike safety and route planning.

Glasgow Kelvin College's Student Association ran a month-long competition under theme 4, ‘Food’, inviting students and staff to submit photos of vegan or vegetarian meals they cook or eat. The college's talented Hospitality and Professional Cookery students and staff set up two sustainable food stalls offering vegan, local, and seasonal foods while also highlighting recipes that reduce food waste. The East End and Easterhouse Campus Food Stalls attracted 40 hungry attendees each.

Theme 5, ‘Waste Reduction’, saw the College's Fashion Department host a Clothing Swap Shop event to raise awareness of the climate impacts of fast fashion and promote the benefits of the circular economy where clothes are recycled. Students and staff were able to refresh their summer wardrobe without opening their purses, a real benefit in the current cost of living crisis. Meanwhile, two litter picks were held on separate campuses, and one Support for Learning class launched a recycling campaign that included creating art pieces from recyclable waste.

Under theme 6, ‘Connecting to Nature’, Adventure and Outdoor Sports Education students hosted a Led Cycle Ride along the canal banks of Glasgow's West End. The event aimed to encourage participants to spend time outdoors, be active and appreciate nature with limited environmental impact. Sixteen people participated in the two 1.5-hour rides offered.

Finally, under theme 7, ‘Conservation’, Glasgow Kelvin College's Easterhouse Campus hosted a highly successful tree planting event in the amenity area behind the campus building. Over 70 students and staff planted almost 200 trees donated by the Woodland Trust. The event is part of a larger push to revitalise derelict green spaces on the College's campuses to increase biodiversity and encourage spending time outdoors, learning and enjoying nature.

Overall, Glasgow Kelvin College's participation in the Planet Earth Games has demonstrated its commitment to promoting sustainable behaviours among staff and students while raising awareness of the challenges posed by climate change.

The College's innovative approach has earned it a well-deserved place among the top performers in this year's competition. Sarah Shea, Environmental and Sustainability Manager at the College said;

“We are thrilled to have been recognised by the Planet Earth Games, especially among so many other worthwhile candidates. The Planet Earth Games initiative has helped us to drive and showcase sustainability initiatives across the College and will inspire students and staff to develop many more projects in the months to come.”