David Webster - Curriculum Manager for Jewellery

About David

David Webster FGA. DGA. RJdip

Curriculum Manager for Jewellery

David first started in the jewellery industry as a traditional bench craftsperson for his family business undertaking specialist commissions for the retail trade across the UK. After receiving numerous invitations as a guest speaker on all aspects of jewellery he eventually joined the department at Glasgow Kelvin College in 1993.

David has always understood the importance in having a ‘specialism’ in whatever career path one may have chosen and his particularly specialisms in jewellery are for gemmology and diamond setting, both of which he has trained for many years and won a number of coveted awards. However, with the advent of the digital age David extended his interests to cover the areas of computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing and his expertise now extends to these highly productive areas and their application to contemporary jewellery design and manufacture.

David has travelled widely extending and updating his knowledge of jewellery manufacture undertaking lengthy periods of training in the diamond centre of Antwerp, Belgium for ‘optical’ diamond setting and the production centre of Valenza, Italy for modern approaches to manufacture. David also continues to act as a consultant to industry with periods of time spent in Saudi Arabia supporting the manufacturing industry in that country and working with the education authorities in Botswana to support the development of a new jewellery department in the capital city of Gaborone.


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