National Opportunity Day


Girl sitting on stair

Life is full of opportunities if you’re ready to see them; they may not be there for long, but there’s always another one around the corner. 

At Glasgow Kelvin College, no matter your age, there’s an opportunity for you to start fresh, and build a fulfilling career.

That’s why we’ve launched National Opportunity Day, which celebrates how life can change when you seize the moment. It’s a day dedicated to shedding light on opportunities that you may ignore. We hope to inspire you to make a change to build your future. 

The window of opportunity shouldn’t close at 18, or when you didn’t get the exam grades you hoped for, or when you’ve already started one career; it’s there for you as long as you want it. The world is full of possibilities. We’ve created National Opportunity Day to showcase the diverse choices available, made for your passions, and talents.

​​Some opportunities slip by when we’re not looking, or they’re simply not clear. National Opportunity Day is a day to remove these barriers, to shout about opportunities and encourage people to find them, shatter your self-limiting beliefs and uncover new passions. 

Whether it's vocational training, apprenticeships, work-based learning, or pursuing  alternative higher education, it's never too late. We're here to help you navigate career confusion, and give you the best chance to build the life you want. 

Join us as we celebrate stories of triumph over adversity, as we champion the spirit of resilience and dreams that have come true. We'll bring you inspiring stories from students who have thrived after finding a new route, expert guidance on next steps, and resources to help you explore the range of options available.

National Opportunity Day is your moment to make a change and embark on a journey of endless possibilities. Your dreams are waiting – let's make them a reality!

Ready to seize this opportunity? Come along to our open day on Wednesday, August 9th.

Visit here to see the opportunities and find out everything you need to know today.